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A way to reach a large audience in your local area. is a rarity on the Internet -- a site dedicated to your local consumers. While advertisers get all of the benefits of being able to reach the global market via the Internet, also offers the unique benefit of being able to target your ad to the areas most likely to support your business. gives advertisers a place to increase or establish their presence on the web. With the ability to link potential customers directly to an advertiser's website or with the ability to custom build a business information page for an advertiser, is the place to be for the most web-savvy of companies or those new to the Internet marketing game.

The overwhelming popularity of local sports in North Jersey makes attractive to local and national advertisers alike. For local advertisers, specialized pages provide direct access to your target market. National advertisers can use's ability to reach a desirable demographic as part of its overall marketing strategy.

Advertising options offers a variety of packages to suit the needs of its advertisers. Ad options include:

Banner Ads (468x60 pixels) -- For the maximum visibility on, Banner Ads are located at the top and/or bottom of all pages on which they are placed.

Tile Ads (120x90 pixels) -- For high visibility and maximum site coverage, Tile Ads can be placed in numerous locations. Each page on is outfitted with an 'Ad Well' that allows tiles to be placed according to the specific needs of our advertisers.

Mini-Tile Ad (120x60 pixels) -- Mini-Tiles have the most flexibility of any ad on Mini Tiles can be placed within pages and can be used to target a specific audience according to the needs of our advertisers.

Sponsorships -- Sponsorship guarantees an advertiser specific placements within specified pages customized to reach a target audience. Packages can be customized and advertising opportunities created to help our advertisers reach their marketing goals. Advertisers can sponsor a variety of features on including our 'Top Shot of the Day', individual sports pages, story pages or individual school pages.

Ad packages can be created to best suit the needs of our advertisers. Packages can be assembled to include placement on the front page, school pages, and individual sports pages or can be designed in a single placement format.

For more information on sponsorship packages, ad rates, or for general advertising information, contact an ad representative at (201) 222-9330 or via e-mail at





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